About Us

Jim Woodhead

Jim Woodhead - President and CEO

Likes- Flying my plane, campfires, family, innovation, anchovies, good craftsmanship, laughter, attention to detail, technology working well and chocolate.

Dislikes- SPAM, slow drivers, poor attention to detail, barking dogs, commercials, poor attitudes and weak coffee.

Heidi Woodhead

Heidi Woodhead - Owner/CFO

Likes- Family, friends, playing with my grandchildren, 4 wheeling, great attitudes, red wine, thin crust pizza with a good movie, hiking in the mountains, smiles, respectfulness, my animals, early morning coffee on my deck.

Dislikes- Poor attitudes, laziness, gossip, big spiders, dishonest people, those that don't take good care of their animals, mosquito's and rude people.

Tracey Greenlee

Tracey Greenlee - Full Charge Bookkeeper

Likes- Family, friends, my dog Sophie, skiing, gardening, the ocean, travel, hiking, camping, sunshine, red wine, Big Bang Theory, being organized, happy people, bargains

Dislikes- My boys leaving for college, chores, cooking, shopping, crowds, cliff edges, bills, rudeness, clutter, slow traffic, winter (except for skiing of course!)

Nic Astleford

Nic Astleford - Sr. Project Manager & Sr. Estimator

Likes- Family & friends, dogs, boating, music, steak & potatoes (yup, I'm from Idaho), peanut butter anything, technology, football, hockey, challenges, movies, having a child so I can play with Legos again, oh I mean help with Legos!

Dislikes- Rubberneckers, inconsiderate people, MUSHROOMS, okra, Eagle Road between the hours of 6am - 10pm, road construction, people who do their makeup while driving, getting to the lake and realizing forgot the big tube, people rude to kids, people who 'mistake' Facebook for a search engine.

Tom Roy

Tom Roy, RCDD - General Manager

Likes- Family time, working on old cars, hanging out with friends and watching college football, going on the vacation near the ocean, thunder storms.

Dislikes- Cold weather, traffic, bad attitude's, child proof lids, waking up when it's still dark outside, long layover's at airports.

Andy Herrell

Andy Herrell- Purchasing

Likes- Church, massages, football, family and friends, hard day's work, San Diego, coffee and my dogs

Dislikes- Traffic, cold weather, annoying commercials, not enough money

Pam Malmberg

Pam Malmberg - Accounting/Admin Assistant

Likes- Playing with my kids, hanging out with family and friends. Listening and dancing to music (my poor kids get embarrassed). Seahawks, playing softball, volleyball, football, riding dirt bikes, camping, fishing, hunting, lifted trucks, Rottweilers, french fries, church and helping people whenever I can.

Dislikes- Being cold, rude or dishonest people, negative energy, coffee, beer, rain, sushi, politics, cats, not enough money.