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Educational Systems

Advanced Communications Solutions for Schools

Bogen's Engineered Systems division provides a variety of advanced communication solutions for K-12 schools, as well as colleges and universities at the facility, campus, and district levels. From large metropolitan school systems to individual charter schools, there is a Bogen paging and intercom system to fit your needs. Bogen offers state-of-the-art pure IP-based, hybrid IP/analog, and traditional analog-only paging and intercom systems. Bogen also offers advanced, versatile time solutions to fit most any need. Our high-quality products are dependable, simple to install, and easy to use.

Multiple types of tan colored speaker horns grouped together


Horn Speakers offer high-efficiency, rugged construction and superb voice quality. They're typically used outdoors or in loud, industrial or harsh interior areas. It's easy to use hundreds of one-way horn speakers in a zone. Large numbers of horns simply require additional power per area.

Multiple types of cone speakers on display


Speakers are generally used for interior environ­ments and provide high quality music and voice reproduction. It's easy to use hundreds of one-way speakers in a zone. Large numbers of speakers simply require additional power.

A master clock with a green LCD screen

Clock Systems

The heart of a time system is the Master Clock (optional in IP systems). Bogen offers four models along with a plethora of options and accessories.

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