Structured Cabling is an Asset

IT - Information Technology is the very foundation of your business. If you want to protect your business for tomorrow, a solid structured cabling system, built to handle future applications, is your best insurance policy.

Multiple orange cables neatly laid out and plugged into the correct locations

Structured cabling the foundation of a successful Building Network and the basic investment on which all other network equipment depends.

It is important to put cabling in perspective. For anyone responsible for selecting the right cabling infrastructure and who plans to occupy the premises for at least 5 years, one should consider not only the initial costs. Typically representing 2 - 3% of an overall network hardware budget, cabling is nonetheless expected to perform for 10 years, supporting 2 - 3 generations of active electronics. It is the most difficult, labor-intensive, and disruptive piece of the infrastructure to replace. With such long-term implications, relying on the initial price as the sole deciding factor for the cabling plant is rarely a wise decision. Overall, lifecycle costs should be closely considered.

A bargraph and pie chart showing cabling life cycle and network investment information

The Need For Increased Bandwidth

Emerging bandwidth-intensive applications - like voice over IP, IP-based videoconferencing, and digital audio and video - are becoming a reality. Businesses expect their information technology (IT) investment to impact their bottom line, increase sales, decrease operational costs, and improve product quality. Now, more than ever, information plays a vital role. The successful delivery of that information within and across enterprises - globally - is an absolute necessity. A reliable, high-performance IT cabling foundation is key.

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